Happy Birthday Charlie and Bonnie

bonnie and charlie

Four years ago my life changed although I did not realize it at the moment. Four years ago my friend Jinnie’s Lindy had her first litter of puppies. I was totally surprised when she told me I was going to get one. Four puppies were born – two girls and two boys. Three of them were brindles and one was a tri. I fell in love with the tri boy at first sight, the one they called Bubba. Jinnie kept reminding me that  she didn’t know which one I would get as other factors were involved. But there was something about that boy . . .

Mother’s Day, 2009 I became the proud owner of that tri boy now named Solstice Flying Ace, otherwise known as Charlie. Together we have been through so much. Little did I know that 6 weeks later I would lose my beloved 12 year old shepard Ty. Ty was the first dog I really had and I couldn’t of asked for a better first! I don’t think I would of coped as well as I did had I not had Charlie.

Together Charlie and I have learned confirmation and the fun of rally and obedience. We did not stay in confirmation, but he taught me what to do when the next pup comes around. He is a joy to train as he enjoys working and is a quick learner. Together we have put on all three Rally titles with placements everytime he has performed. That means he has placed in a total of 29 legs. He also has his CD (companion dog) title which is the first title in obedience. Now we are working on his CDX (companion dog excellence) which is the next title. We would also like to take the opportunity to do agility, herding and tracking. As always we learn together.

Now you ask – what about Bonnie? Bonnie came to me as a favor for a friend. She was just to be with me a short while. Again, Mother’s Day weekend – this time in 2010 it was decided that she would become mine permanently. She has brought much joy to my home as now that my mother lives with me, she is a good companion.

As with human children, even though Bonnie and Charlie are from the same litter they’re personalities are completely different. Bonnie is very laid back and a bit timid. She enjoys being loved on and cuddled. She does have her rally novice and her beginning novice titles. She will perform for me, but doesn’t enjoy it as much. She will do it because I ask it of her, she’s that kind of dog. She may get her CD, but that will probably be as far as we go because everything else requires jumping and that is something I don’t want to do with her.

Charlie and Bonnie are a joy to watch. They are so good together. They remind me of Little Ann and Old Dan, the characters in the novel “Where the Red Fern Grows”. There have been many days I don’t know how I would of gotten through if it had not been for them. They are great ambassadors of the breed, Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Even my mother, who always says she doesn’t like dogs, enjoys having them around.

So, Happy Birthday my babies. Here’s to four years of love and learning and for many more to come. We have many more adventures yet to come to go through together.


One Response to “Happy Birthday Charlie and Bonnie”

  1. Sharrie Brockhaus Says:

    And greetings from their brother Ziippy. He is also a beloved member of our family. No letters behind his name, but still a valued member of our group. Officially the “fun police” in our household.

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