Happy Birthday Charlie and Bonnie

February 28, 2013

bonnie and charlie

Four years ago my life changed although I did not realize it at the moment. Four years ago my friend Jinnie’s Lindy had her first litter of puppies. I was totally surprised when she told me I was going to get one. Four puppies were born – two girls and two boys. Three of them were brindles and one was a tri. I fell in love with the tri boy at first sight, the one they called Bubba. Jinnie kept reminding me that  she didn’t know which one I would get as other factors were involved. But there was something about that boy . . .

Mother’s Day, 2009 I became the proud owner of that tri boy now named Solstice Flying Ace, otherwise known as Charlie. Together we have been through so much. Little did I know that 6 weeks later I would lose my beloved 12 year old shepard Ty. Ty was the first dog I really had and I couldn’t of asked for a better first! I don’t think I would of coped as well as I did had I not had Charlie.

Together Charlie and I have learned confirmation and the fun of rally and obedience. We did not stay in confirmation, but he taught me what to do when the next pup comes around. He is a joy to train as he enjoys working and is a quick learner. Together we have put on all three Rally titles with placements everytime he has performed. That means he has placed in a total of 29 legs. He also has his CD (companion dog) title which is the first title in obedience. Now we are working on his CDX (companion dog excellence) which is the next title. We would also like to take the opportunity to do agility, herding and tracking. As always we learn together.

Now you ask – what about Bonnie? Bonnie came to me as a favor for a friend. She was just to be with me a short while. Again, Mother’s Day weekend – this time in 2010 it was decided that she would become mine permanently. She has brought much joy to my home as now that my mother lives with me, she is a good companion.

As with human children, even though Bonnie and Charlie are from the same litter they’re personalities are completely different. Bonnie is very laid back and a bit timid. She enjoys being loved on and cuddled. She does have her rally novice and her beginning novice titles. She will perform for me, but doesn’t enjoy it as much. She will do it because I ask it of her, she’s that kind of dog. She may get her CD, but that will probably be as far as we go because everything else requires jumping and that is something I don’t want to do with her.

Charlie and Bonnie are a joy to watch. They are so good together. They remind me of Little Ann and Old Dan, the characters in the novel “Where the Red Fern Grows”. There have been many days I don’t know how I would of gotten through if it had not been for them. They are great ambassadors of the breed, Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Even my mother, who always says she doesn’t like dogs, enjoys having them around.

So, Happy Birthday my babies. Here’s to four years of love and learning and for many more to come. We have many more adventures yet to come to go through together.


Albuquerque Here We Come!!

May 10, 2012

It is now year 3 for us in Albuquerque. Year one I was only 10 weeks old and ready to go home with my new mama. This was her first dog show ever and was she ever happy. She said there was nothing better than spending Mother’s Day with a bunch of different dogs! Year 2 I got my RA and my CD, plus Bonnie got her RN. Wow, that was fun, but at the time mom was a wreck. Now we are at year 3 and for the first time mom is going it alone. Every other time we have spent the show in the RV with mama Jinnie and Grandma Ginger, but this time we are doing things differently. I have to show on Friday – I’m going for my RAE legs – while mama Jinnie doesn’t start til Saturday. Plus mama Jinnie is showing daddy PJ (yippee) and so he gets to be the male representative in the RV. Another thing is my grandma (?), mom’s mom, is coming along this year along with our new adoptee Lola. We are all hoping she will have a good time. She says she doesn’t really like dogs, but her actions sure don’t match her words. So tomorrow we’re off, and hopefully a good time.


March 3, 2012

ImageIntroducing Lola, a daschund that I rescued from Great Dane Rescue. She is rapidly becoming my mom’s dog. She is constantly on her lap and being rocked in the rocking chair. Bonnie and Charlie have accepted her and the three of them race through the house.

Tomorrow she starts her own dog training. She will be going to the Good Manners Class with Dina at K9 Funworks. If she is to live here, she must behave like the others. We’ll see how it goes. She is not a bad dog, she follows us around and she listens well. She is not leash trained though and if you tell her to sit, she looks at you like you’re crazy.

So welcome Lola to the family, the long and low. It is said that you and the Cardi’s originate from the same Teckel family of dogs!

Bonnie and Charlie

February 28, 2012

Bonnie and Charlie

Happy Birthday Charlie and Bonnie

February 28, 2012

Mom’s writing this one cuz it’s my birthday!!!!!

Wow, 3 years ago Lindy was having her first litter. How little did I know that I would be blessed with two of the four offspring. Jinnie had said I would get one of the puppies but not to get my heart set on any particular one as I was way down on the totem pole. That didn’t bother me as I was still getting a puppy!!!. Then I saw them, and my heart went out to the one that was being called  both Bubba (cuz he was the biggest) and Thug (cuz he pushed everyone around). He was a tri, which was the color of the two German Shepherd/mix dogs that I had had.  I knew not to get my hopes up as there were picks to be made.

I watched them grow – all four of them – two males, two females. This was the start of puppy tv. I would go over to Ginger’s and Jinnie would bring the pups over and we would just sit and watch and laugh and wonder. I was also told that I would be going to my first dog show in Albuquerque in May since the agreement was that I had to put a rally title on my pup, so I had better know what I was doing!

Picks were made and I got Bubba! Now of course I changed his name. He became Solstice Flying Ace with the call name of Charlie. So after a wonderful time in Albuquerque, right after Mother’s Day, Charlie came home!

Six months later the opportunity came for me to foster his sister Bonnie. She became a permanent part of our household during the Albuquerque show the next year. These two are now inseperable. If you have ever read the book “Where the Red Fern Grows” those are the personalities of Charlie and Bonnie.

And what a ride these three years have been!!!! Charlie and I started in conformation (he does have 5 points) but realized that was not what he and I were meant to do. In one year he and I have put on him his CD, his RN, RA, RE and 4 legs of his RAE. We are also training for Agility and Open in obedience.

Not to be outdone, Bonnie has earned her BN and her RN but because of some issues with her shoulder, we won’t do much more as everything else requires some type of jumping. She is very content being spoiled by my mother.

So Happy Birthday my babies!! You bring much joy and happiness into my life!! Also Happy Birthday to Bailey and Zippy. And thanks again Jinnie these truly are ‘priceless’ gifts.


The Pups

February 28, 2012

The Pups

Charlie, Bonnie, Zippy and Bailey


February 28, 2012


Charlie as a puppy

Bark in the Park

June 13, 2011
me and mom at ballgame

mom and me at ballgame

Yesterday mom and me went to a baseball game. The ballpark has what is called ‘bark in the park’ at least twice a year. That’s when people can bring in their dogs to watch the game.
I had a lot of fun. Everyone thought I was a good looking dog. I got a lot of pats from a lot of kids. I’m glad I like people to pet me. Unfortuneately Bonnie gets very nervous and scared around a lot of people especially kids and there was a lot of kids. So Bonnie didn’t get to go, she stayed home with grandma.

Momma Jinnie brought Banner and Fifi and Grandma Ginger brought Sienna. We ate hot dogs and ice cream.

mmmmmm – hot dogs!!!

Then I got to be in a parade. I was in front of 2 Great Danes. I was nervous, but when we walked onto the ballfield it was like being in a show ring. I heeled very nice and stood proudly while in front of the dugout!! I wanted to show those guys what a good lookin guy I was.

Well, it was fun for me – not so much for the home team though. We left at the end of the 7th inning and the team was down by 12. Ouch!! Lets hope that when we go back, the game will be better.

Until next time.


Albuquerque Dog Show

May 18, 2011

I am writing this at the Albuquerque Dog Show. I won’t be able to post it until after I get home on Tuesday as there is no internet available. I feel I am in the dark ages!!! Momma’s phone can do lots of things, but my paws are too big to type on those little letters. I also need to change the focus of my blog. I need to include my sister Bonnie now, so I will tell her story too. Together we are a dynamic duo.
On Thursday, Bonnie and I went to school with momma. She was doing some presentation about being a responsible dog owner and what an obedient dog looks like. Guess what dog she chose? It was me of course. So Bonnie and I went to school. Bonnie is such a sweetheart but is so timid and shy. The whole time we were in mom’s classroom, Bonnie hid between mom’s chair and the wall. You could barely see her.
Momma took me into an area where all the kids were. I was a good boy and did as I was told. Momma said it was to practice for the dog show. The kids were fun and all of them came by and petted me. I sure wish Bonnie could of come with me cuz she can do the things I can do. She, however, is very afraid of kids, so she would not have had a good time.
After school was over we got into the car and went to Grandma Ginger and Mama Jinnie’s house. Then into the RV we went. Along came Frost, Bailey, Banner and the new kid, Fifi.
Now it is Tuesday and we are all home from the show. What a time we all had. Bonnie and I got to be walked every morning and night just to go potty. It was nice having momma to ourselves for awhile.
On Friday Bonnie and I did our stuff along with our sister Frost. Frost and Bonnie were in Rally Novice B and Frost was ready to earn her third leg and title and Bonnie her first. They both did. Boy was I excited about Frost cuz that meant Title Ice Cream.
This was a tradition that mama Jinnie started. My momma remembers when our daddy, PJ, got his Rally Novice Title. That was the first dog show momma ever went too. She went to see what was going on, cuz she was going to get me!
To make a long story short, Frost got her title on Friday and Bonnie and I got all our titles on Sunday. We made every one very proud cuz in three days Bonnie got her three legs and her Rally Novice title and I got my three legs and title in both Rally Advanced and Novice in obedience. Now our names will read Arylan Flight from Justice RN (Bonnie) and Solstice Flying Ace CD RA (me).
Momma said we would go do our Rally again on Monday just to have some fun, but we were tired and she needed to go to the conformation ring, just in case.
We knew we didn’t have anything to do on Tuesday, cuz there was no obedience that day so momma went to help in the conformation ring. I know she’s not as comfortable in that ring as the obedience but she had fun. She got to take Harry’s dog Chickie in. She thinks that being in the obedience ring has helped her confidence in the conformation ring. No matter what, she did have a good time doing it.
Now what is next for the dynamic cardi duo? Momma says for me we will work on Rally Excellence and Open in Obedience. Maybe even try some agility. If I do good, maybe we can go for my Excellence title in October and my Open title next year as it is a lot of work. Unfortunately Bonnie can’t go on in Rally as there are jumps and we don’t want her jumping. That means agility is out too. Maybe she will go for her CD (companion dog) title. She might even try tracking. Hmmmmm – The performance world is wide open.
It has been a long 5 days, it is late and I need my beauty sleep. So good night until next time!

Oh My Time Does Fly!!!

April 28, 2011

My momma has been a very bad girl!!! I cannot believe that she has not written for such a long time. I am looking back at my dashboard and see that the last time she wrote was April 20, 2010 and didn’t even publish it!! This is what she wrote “Here I am again, finally. Momma signed us up for some training classes. She seems to think I don’t know what I am doing, but honestly I think she is the one who needs the training.” What is so funny is that we are training again. Maybe she will get it right this time.

So much has happened since then. Hmmm, where do I start. Well, after Los Lunas, momma and Auntie Jinnie had a long talk and it was decided that I would no longer be a conformation dog, just a performance dog. Boy, was I relieved!! It is not my thng to prance around a ring. I would rather be working at doing something. Honestly, I think momma is relieved too. Plus I just have to be clean, no more combing, etc.

So momma and I have been busy training for rally and obedience. I got my RN in January and then in March while momma was on Spring Break I went to visit Dr. Robin for the ol snip, snip.

The funny thing is, after the snip I eat like there is no tomorrow. Before I would watch my sister Bonnie eat, watch momma and if she left the room I would follow. Now, my head dives into the bowl and I don’t come up for air until it is sparkling clean. Now, since I do that I’ve gained a bit of weight as has my sister Bonnie. We are now of the ‘green bean diet’, but that’s ok since I love green beans!!!

Well, this is all for now. I will try to nudge momma to write more often since we are going to be doing a lot in the next few weeks.

Saturday, Momma is going to Tularosa to watch an agility trial. She wants to see what it’s like as she may train me and my sister Frost. Then on Sunday we are all going to Alamogordo for a match. I’m going to try Rally Advanced and Novice. It should be fun as I will be off leash. I will try my hardest to pay attention. My sister Bonnie is also going to play. She is going to do Rally Novice B. This is all in preparation for Alburquerque. Hopefullly she will be an RN like me.

Until later!!!!!