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Albuquerque Here We Come!!

May 10, 2012

It is now year 3 for us in Albuquerque. Year one I was only 10 weeks old and ready to go home with my new mama. This was her first dog show ever and was she ever happy. She said there was nothing better than spending Mother’s Day with a bunch of different dogs! Year 2 I got my RA and my CD, plus Bonnie got her RN. Wow, that was fun, but at the time mom was a wreck. Now we are at year 3 and for the first time mom is going it alone. Every other time we have spent the show in the RV with mama Jinnie and Grandma Ginger, but this time we are doing things differently. I have to show on Friday – I’m going for my RAE legs – while mama Jinnie doesn’t start til Saturday. Plus mama Jinnie is showing daddy PJ (yippee) and so he gets to be the male representative in the RV. Another thing is my grandma (?), mom’s mom, is coming along this year along with our new adoptee Lola. We are all hoping she will have a good time. She says she doesn’t really like dogs, but her actions sure don’t match her words. So tomorrow we’re off, and hopefully a good time.