ImageIntroducing Lola, a daschund that I rescued from Great Dane Rescue. She is rapidly becoming my mom’s dog. She is constantly on her lap and being rocked in the rocking chair. Bonnie and Charlie have accepted her and the three of them race through the house.

Tomorrow she starts her own dog training. She will be going to the Good Manners Class with Dina at K9 Funworks. If she is to live here, she must behave like the others. We’ll see how it goes. She is not a bad dog, she follows us around and she listens well. She is not leash trained though and if you tell her to sit, she looks at you like you’re crazy.

So welcome Lola to the family, the long and low. It is said that you and the Cardi’s originate from the same Teckel family of dogs!


One Response to “Lola”

  1. Deb Says:

    Can’t wait to meet her! Will you be showing her also? She’d have to have short jumps! LOL! Actually my Chiweenie jumps higher than any of my others and he’s short too.
    Thanks for rescuing her.I have 3 rescues now, I love my “pound puppies”! LOL! Brindle Boxer,and 2 dachshund x’s.

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