Happy Birthday Charlie and Bonnie

Mom’s writing this one cuz it’s my birthday!!!!!

Wow, 3 years ago Lindy was having her first litter. How little did I know that I would be blessed with two of the four offspring. Jinnie had said I would get one of the puppies but not to get my heart set on any particular one as I was way down on the totem pole. That didn’t bother me as I was still getting a puppy!!!. Then I saw them, and my heart went out to the one that was being called  both Bubba (cuz he was the biggest) and Thug (cuz he pushed everyone around). He was a tri, which was the color of the two German Shepherd/mix dogs that I had had.  I knew not to get my hopes up as there were picks to be made.

I watched them grow – all four of them – two males, two females. This was the start of puppy tv. I would go over to Ginger’s and Jinnie would bring the pups over and we would just sit and watch and laugh and wonder. I was also told that I would be going to my first dog show in Albuquerque in May since the agreement was that I had to put a rally title on my pup, so I had better know what I was doing!

Picks were made and I got Bubba! Now of course I changed his name. He became Solstice Flying Ace with the call name of Charlie. So after a wonderful time in Albuquerque, right after Mother’s Day, Charlie came home!

Six months later the opportunity came for me to foster his sister Bonnie. She became a permanent part of our household during the Albuquerque show the next year. These two are now inseperable. If you have ever read the book “Where the Red Fern Grows” those are the personalities of Charlie and Bonnie.

And what a ride these three years have been!!!! Charlie and I started in conformation (he does have 5 points) but realized that was not what he and I were meant to do. In one year he and I have put on him his CD, his RN, RA, RE and 4 legs of his RAE. We are also training for Agility and Open in obedience.

Not to be outdone, Bonnie has earned her BN and her RN but because of some issues with her shoulder, we won’t do much more as everything else requires some type of jumping. She is very content being spoiled by my mother.

So Happy Birthday my babies!! You bring much joy and happiness into my life!! Also Happy Birthday to Bailey and Zippy. And thanks again Jinnie these truly are ‘priceless’ gifts.



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