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Bark in the Park

June 13, 2011
me and mom at ballgame

mom and me at ballgame

Yesterday mom and me went to a baseball game. The ballpark has what is called ‘bark in the park’ at least twice a year. That’s when people can bring in their dogs to watch the game.
I had a lot of fun. Everyone thought I was a good looking dog. I got a lot of pats from a lot of kids. I’m glad I like people to pet me. Unfortuneately Bonnie gets very nervous and scared around a lot of people especially kids and there was a lot of kids. So Bonnie didn’t get to go, she stayed home with grandma.

Momma Jinnie brought Banner and Fifi and Grandma Ginger brought Sienna. We ate hot dogs and ice cream.

mmmmmm – hot dogs!!!

Then I got to be in a parade. I was in front of 2 Great Danes. I was nervous, but when we walked onto the ballfield it was like being in a show ring. I heeled very nice and stood proudly while in front of the dugout!! I wanted to show those guys what a good lookin guy I was.

Well, it was fun for me – not so much for the home team though. We left at the end of the 7th inning and the team was down by 12. Ouch!! Lets hope that when we go back, the game will be better.

Until next time.