Albuquerque Dog Show

I am writing this at the Albuquerque Dog Show. I won’t be able to post it until after I get home on Tuesday as there is no internet available. I feel I am in the dark ages!!! Momma’s phone can do lots of things, but my paws are too big to type on those little letters. I also need to change the focus of my blog. I need to include my sister Bonnie now, so I will tell her story too. Together we are a dynamic duo.
On Thursday, Bonnie and I went to school with momma. She was doing some presentation about being a responsible dog owner and what an obedient dog looks like. Guess what dog she chose? It was me of course. So Bonnie and I went to school. Bonnie is such a sweetheart but is so timid and shy. The whole time we were in mom’s classroom, Bonnie hid between mom’s chair and the wall. You could barely see her.
Momma took me into an area where all the kids were. I was a good boy and did as I was told. Momma said it was to practice for the dog show. The kids were fun and all of them came by and petted me. I sure wish Bonnie could of come with me cuz she can do the things I can do. She, however, is very afraid of kids, so she would not have had a good time.
After school was over we got into the car and went to Grandma Ginger and Mama Jinnie’s house. Then into the RV we went. Along came Frost, Bailey, Banner and the new kid, Fifi.
Now it is Tuesday and we are all home from the show. What a time we all had. Bonnie and I got to be walked every morning and night just to go potty. It was nice having momma to ourselves for awhile.
On Friday Bonnie and I did our stuff along with our sister Frost. Frost and Bonnie were in Rally Novice B and Frost was ready to earn her third leg and title and Bonnie her first. They both did. Boy was I excited about Frost cuz that meant Title Ice Cream.
This was a tradition that mama Jinnie started. My momma remembers when our daddy, PJ, got his Rally Novice Title. That was the first dog show momma ever went too. She went to see what was going on, cuz she was going to get me!
To make a long story short, Frost got her title on Friday and Bonnie and I got all our titles on Sunday. We made every one very proud cuz in three days Bonnie got her three legs and her Rally Novice title and I got my three legs and title in both Rally Advanced and Novice in obedience. Now our names will read Arylan Flight from Justice RN (Bonnie) and Solstice Flying Ace CD RA (me).
Momma said we would go do our Rally again on Monday just to have some fun, but we were tired and she needed to go to the conformation ring, just in case.
We knew we didn’t have anything to do on Tuesday, cuz there was no obedience that day so momma went to help in the conformation ring. I know she’s not as comfortable in that ring as the obedience but she had fun. She got to take Harry’s dog Chickie in. She thinks that being in the obedience ring has helped her confidence in the conformation ring. No matter what, she did have a good time doing it.
Now what is next for the dynamic cardi duo? Momma says for me we will work on Rally Excellence and Open in Obedience. Maybe even try some agility. If I do good, maybe we can go for my Excellence title in October and my Open title next year as it is a lot of work. Unfortunately Bonnie can’t go on in Rally as there are jumps and we don’t want her jumping. That means agility is out too. Maybe she will go for her CD (companion dog) title. She might even try tracking. Hmmmmm – The performance world is wide open.
It has been a long 5 days, it is late and I need my beauty sleep. So good night until next time!


One Response to “Albuquerque Dog Show”

  1. solsticekennel Says:

    You guys did so good and I’m proud!

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