Oh My Time Does Fly!!!

My momma has been a very bad girl!!! I cannot believe that she has not written for such a long time. I am looking back at my dashboard and see that the last time she wrote was April 20, 2010 and didn’t even publish it!! This is what she wrote “Here I am again, finally. Momma signed us up for some training classes. She seems to think I don’t know what I am doing, but honestly I think she is the one who needs the training.” What is so funny is that we are training again. Maybe she will get it right this time.

So much has happened since then. Hmmm, where do I start. Well, after Los Lunas, momma and Auntie Jinnie had a long talk and it was decided that I would no longer be a conformation dog, just a performance dog. Boy, was I relieved!! It is not my thng to prance around a ring. I would rather be working at doing something. Honestly, I think momma is relieved too. Plus I just have to be clean, no more combing, etc.

So momma and I have been busy training for rally and obedience. I got my RN in January and then in March while momma was on Spring Break I went to visit Dr. Robin for the ol snip, snip.

The funny thing is, after the snip I eat like there is no tomorrow. Before I would watch my sister Bonnie eat, watch momma and if she left the room I would follow. Now, my head dives into the bowl and I don’t come up for air until it is sparkling clean. Now, since I do that I’ve gained a bit of weight as has my sister Bonnie. We are now of the ‘green bean diet’, but that’s ok since I love green beans!!!

Well, this is all for now. I will try to nudge momma to write more often since we are going to be doing a lot in the next few weeks.

Saturday, Momma is going to Tularosa to watch an agility trial. She wants to see what it’s like as she may train me and my sister Frost. Then on Sunday we are all going to Alamogordo for a match. I’m going to try Rally Advanced and Novice. It should be fun as I will be off leash. I will try my hardest to pay attention. My sister Bonnie is also going to play. She is going to do Rally Novice B. This is all in preparation for Alburquerque. Hopefullly she will be an RN like me.

Until later!!!!!


One Response to “Oh My Time Does Fly!!!”

  1. Sharrie Brockhaus Says:

    Dear Long Lost Bro ——-Charlie,

    Good to finally hear from you. Boy, your mom really has you on a heavy program. Glad you learned to eat like me. I am just “in charge” here. We don’t do any training; I just go around from place to place sleeping and keeping the other “guys” in line. It’s a good life. Next time send pictures!

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