Handling Practice

Tonight we had handling practice. It has been a long time since momma, everyone and me have been there. There was a special guest there tonight – my sister Bonnie! It was fun, cuz with her around I don’t have to do as much since momma has to practice with two dogs. The only thing is I have to share the hot dog!.

I really like having my sister around. I now have a playmate all the time and she knows how to play. We both like to grab ears or tails.  Yesterday we went to Grandma Ginger’s and had Watermelon Sunday. At first Bonnie seemed to not like it, but she finally joined in. She started a game where she would bring the rind in and momma would throw it outside. Then she brought it in again and momma threw it out. It looked like so much fun that Bailey and I joined in too.

It has been a fun week and I look forward for more. Here are some pics from tonight and yesterday. (Momma got a new camera so expect to see lots of pics of me and Bonnie!)


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