It’s Been A Long Time

My poor mama. She is getting old and forgets things easily. She has forgotten to keep everyone updated on my progress. Her excuse is that she forgot all the sign-in information. I am so glad she found it cuz there is going to be a lot to talk about in the next few days!!! Right now I am sleeping in an RV with mama Jinnie and Grandma Ginger along with daddy dog PJ (he’s being mean to me, they tell me it’s a dog thing when there is a female around that is in heat. I’m just 7 months old and I don’t understand!), my half sister Frost, my sister Bailey and my cousin Sienna. We are in Alamogordo, NM getting ready for a dog show. It’s new for everyone except for Frost. Daddy dog is just here for the ride cuz he is a champion all ready! Mama Jinnie is gonna show me tomorrow cuz mama Cody has to work. She is coming up after work and she will show me on Saturday. I will all ready had my experience so I will have to show her the ropes.
I’m starting to get sleepy and I need to get my rest cuz tomorrow is a BIG day. I’m glad to be here with my sisters, but I sure miss my mama Cody. I think she might miss me too. Good night all.


One Response to “It’s Been A Long Time”

  1. Sharrie Brockhaus Says:

    Glad to hear from Charlie. Need to see pictures of the little guy. His brother sends is love and wildness!

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