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My New Family

May 15, 2009

On my last post I said a little about my new family. After two days I can report on a bit more. Mama Cody say someday soon we will have a camera for me to add pictures to my blog. That way everyone can see what all of us look like.

Sammy is my new playmate. We chase each other around the house. When we first started I would slide under chairs where he couldn’t get me and I would jump out at him. Wow, I thought, I got him, there is no way he can beat me at this. Boy, was I wrong. Yesterday while we were chasing each other, he jumped on the couch. He realized that I couldn’t jump up there. So now he jumps up there and teases me. Life is not fair.
I have however found that Sammy has a tail! When I was with my littermates I use to grab their tails. I thought those days were gone. Haha – nope – Sammy has a nice tail for me to hold on too. I don’t know if he likes very much though.
Ty is still huge! I really look up to her. I wish she would stay out with us more. I don’t see what is so great about a bathtub. I did find out that I can walk under her with no problem at all. So if she stands in my way when I want to go outside or in, I don’t have to worry. I just walk between her legs and go where I want.
Speaking of going outside, mama Cody seems to be happy with the progress I am making. I don’t see what the big deal is. She keeps talking to me about training. She says we will be doing it a lot cuz I’m a “show dog”. As long as I have fun, I guess it will be okay.
I found the cats. There are two of them. I just don’t understand. I see them, I bark. Isn’t that what a dog is suppose to do???? Well I guess mama Cody would realize that. Every time I bark at them she tells me that I shouldn’t do that. Humans!
Mama Cody told me that my mama and daddy and Uncle Henry and my best friend Frost are in Colorado with Mama Jinnie. She said they are being “show dogs” this weekend. I hope they are having fun. My sister Bailey got to go along for the ride. I guess I will find out all about it when I see everybody next week.
I am glad the weekend is almost here. I hate when Mama Cody has to go to work. When she does, I have to be in my pen and I can’t play with Sammy. I do think I am adjusting well. I didn’t cry as much when she left today. I am also sleeping through the night. I feel safe cuz I sleep in my kennel next to Mama Cody’s bed. If I wake at all, I know I will find her fingers coming through the grate to pet me. Then I just go back to sleep until the alarm goes off.




First Night

May 12, 2009

Let me introduce myself. My name is Solstice Flying Ace but my friends call me Charlie. I was born on February 28 and I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. My brother went to live in Wisconsin on a farm. My sister Bonnie lives in Albq. (too big a word for me to spell) and my other sister Bailey will stay with my other mama, Jinnie.  I will get to see Bailey at least once a week and hopefully I will see Bonnie in October. 

Yesterday I went to live with my new mama. I knew her at first as Auntie Cody, but now she tells me I can call her mama since I am going to live at her house now. She says I am a lucky boy because I get to have 2 two-legged mamas, her and mama Jinnie. I am sure one lucky pup!!!

At my new house, there are 4 other four leggeds. Two are like me, that being dogs and the other 2 are something called cats. I don’t know what they are, but mama assures me I will find out in time. She says they don’t socialize much, whatever that means.  I got to meet Ty. Boy is she HUGE!!! I am use to being with others like me and the long legged fast one at mama Jinnie’s but Ty is another story. She is a German Shepard mix and weighs about 100 pounds. What is so much fun is I can walk under her when she is standing up. Mama Cody says I won’t see her much cuz she likes to lay in the bathtub.  She is also 11 years old. I guess that is old for a dog. 

Then I met Sammy. Mama Cody calls him a circus dog cuz he bounces all over the place. He is a poodle mix and he does bounce.  He seemed to like me, until he got a bone. Then he growled at me. Mama Cody got mad and said she will not tolerate that type of behavior. I don’t know what that means and I really didn’t care cuz I had a bone of my own. Later Sammy and I started playing. It was fun!!! At mama Cody’s you can run in a circle between the living room and dining room/kitchen. I would run and Sammy would come after me. I would run and sometimes slide (mama Cody has wood floors) to a small place where Sammy couldn’t go. Then I would come out and tell Sammy where I was and he would chase me again.

Then it was time to go to bed. Mama Cody put me in my crate, but then took my crate next to her bed so I would not be alone.  Ty of course sleeps in the bathtub and Sammy goes with Kenny. I don’t know who he is yet. Mama Cody says I was a good boy cuz I did all my potties outside. I don’t know what that all means, but I will keep trying to be a good boy.

Hello world!

May 12, 2009

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